Wisconsin GOP lieutenant governor candidate declares, “I am a dumbass.”

Wisconsin Republican lieutenant governor candidate Rebecca Kleefisch, diagnosed with cancer a month ago, touts the treatments she received under her state-subsidized insurance plan at the same time she rails against government-run health care in a new television ad.

Not taking a side in the socialized vs. private health care debate but this is just stupid. If you are receiving medical care due to a government-run program — medicare, medicaid, or other programs — then don’t be stupid enough to criticize the very program you depend on. If you think it shouldn’t exist, then do the honorable thing, the ethical thing, and pay your own medical expenses. In short, don’t be a twit.


2 thoughts on “Wisconsin GOP lieutenant governor candidate declares, “I am a dumbass.”

  1. Rob McMillin

    Okay.1) What if your experiences in the system were what caused you to come out against it?2) What if you can’t afford an alternative given the tax burden?(1) may be in play, (2) probably isn’t.

  2. Geoff Canyon

    1. I can see two main objections to socialized healthcare: utility (it doesn’t do as good a job as private health care) and ethics (it’s wrong to force everyone to pay as a group for healthcare). If the objection is based on utility then it’s fine to say, "My experience in the system has shown me that it is an inefficient and sub-standard way to deliver healthcare. Therefore I oppose it, and for myself, I will no longer use it." That’s not what she said.If the objection is based on ethics, then the only thing she could say is "I’ve done a lot of thinking about this since my time in the system, and I realized this is wrong. I will no longer use the system, and I apologize for taking advantage of everyone." That’s not what she said either.2. I assume you mean that she _would_ be able to afford private healthcare but for the burden placed upon her by the tax system that pays for the healthcare she objects to (but uses anyway). Fair point, but ethics don’t necessarily come cheap.


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