Monthly Archives: January 2013

Our personalities are constantly changing, and apparently most people think they’re not


According to the article, most people realize they’ve changed over the years, but they don’t think they’ll change in the future. I guess I’m in the minority.

I remember when I was about twenty-five, thinking back on my twenty-year-old self and saying, “Wow, what a jackass I was. I sure hope when I’m thirty I don’t look back at myself now (at twenty-five) and think I was such a failure.” But then I realized that that’s exactly wrong.

If you weren’t a worse person in the past, then you can’t be a better person now. And if you aren’t a worse person now than you will be in the future, you aren’t planning to learn or grow.

You should want to *always* be able to look back on your past with regret about lost opportunities and things you would have done differently, even if that “past” is today.

Life isn’t a race, but if I could compete with the 2008 me, I would kick that guy’s ass — and the 2018 me had better be able to kick mine.