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St. Louis is amazing

I recently moved to St. Louis, and each week I’ve discovered something else amazing about this place. There is the obvious: the food, the Gateway Arch, Forest Park, the Delmar Loop, the old neighborhoods. Then there are the things you only find out about after you’ve been here for a time, like the fact that Chuck Berry performs at Blueberry Hill on a regular basis, or Crown Candy Kitchen, one of the oldest soda fountains in the country. Every week it seems that I discover something more amazing than everything previous, but this week I think I’ve reached the pinnacle, unless they’re holding a parade in my honor next week.

The City Museum looks as if an insane artist’s head exploded, and all the random creative ideas she ever had splattered against the walls and stuck. I can’t begin to do the place justice, but here are some highlights:

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Surviving the World

Surviving the World┬áis a really clever web comic simply consisting of messages written on a chalkboard with the author standing to the side. Usually he’s relevant — smiling widely at a silly joke (“What’s the difference between a lawyer and a catfish? The catfish makes for good eating!”) for example. Sometimes he’s blurry. But it’s always interesting reading, and it’s fresh every day.