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How Not To Sort By Average Rating


I’m posting this so I’ll always know where it is. I don’t really care what you think of it. I still live in moderate awe of people who “just get” statistics. Any time it comes to confidence intervals, Bayesian analysis, or the german tank thing, I have to think…really…hard… to even keep up. I used to have to think really hard to juggle, but now it comes easily. I’m sure if I got a job doing stats work the same thing would happen, but I dabble in analysis just infrequently enough that it’s always a shock of cold water getting into the pool again.


Vocabulary: you’re doing it wrong


This Benetton advert features a photo of Aids sufferer and activist David Kirby and his family by Therese Frare (1990). The original picture, which won the World Press Photo Award, was published in black and white, but Benetton’s advertisers decided they wanted to use a colour version to make it seem more shockingly like a real ad. The ad was designed to raise awareness of Aids and Kirby’s family and Frare approved of the photos use. But it provoked a storm of criticism from other Aids activists who claimed the campaign was in some way a vindication of homosexuality.

I think they meant “vilification.”