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To those concerned about the threat of a nuclear accident in Japan: think!


The Huffington Post and others are whining about Japan, saying that the nuclear chickens have come home to roost, when literally hundreds of nuclear weapons have been detonated over the last sixty-odd years, many of them above ground, releasing _far_ more radiation into the environment. And according to the numbers given here, even including events like Chernobyl, rooftop solar panel installation causes more deaths than nuclear compared to the energy produced. Coal and Oil don’t even begin to compare.

Edit: more info from a research scientist at MIT.

Edit: a summary from Scientific American.


FDA approves first new drug for lupus in 56 years — but how do the economics work?

The companies estimate there are at least 200,000 lupus patients in the U.S. who could benefit from the drug.

Analysts estimate the drug could reach annual sales exceeding $3 billion within five years.

How does this math make sense? $3 billion / 200,000 = $15,000. So (not counting sales outside the U.S.) they’re talking about each person paying fifteen grand per year for this drug alone. How do the economics of that make sense?

We have to figure out a way to bring drugs to market more efficiently. A phased rollout would let drugs come to market sooner and mitigate risk.