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Morse.js Demo

Check out this website I found at

A web site that translates text into Morse Code. I remember way back when (get off my lawn, people!) I had to be able to send and receive at something like 5 words per minute (absurdly slow) in order to get a basic certification of some sort in my electronics class. Now I remember exactly five letters: S and O, of course, E and T because they’re just one symbol each, and L, because of the mnemonic: the girls love it.


Reminder Bear – Single-Use Bookmarks


I use Reminder Bear all the time, for something that isn’t listed on the web site. When I send someone an email (in gmail) and I know they may take a day to respond, I use Reminder Bear on the conversation thread, and tell it to email me back in a day. That way I get an automatic reminder that someone owes me a response. It’s awesome.

Kill Math — a really nice article

Kill Math

Bret Victor / April 11, 2011

The power to understand and predict the quantities of the world should not be restricted to those with a freakish knack for manipulating abstract symbols.

I’ve certainly found it to be the case that math is a somewhat binary endeavor for me: understanding either comes easily, or (nearly) not at all.