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There is a special place in hell for web designers who put white text on a black background

Bad designer! No biscuit!

It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it. I get so frustrated I want to grab a knife…and spread cream cheese on bagels and then taunt them with it: “No bagels with cream cheese for you, bad web designers!”

Fortunately there is a quick and easy solution, on my Mac at least. Command-Control-Option-8 reverses the screen colors, turning white on black into black on white. All other colors reverse as well, but it’s a small price to pay.

And seriously, if you’re a web designer and you get the urge to put white text on a black background, don’t. Just don’t. If this keeps up I’ll have to sneak into your house at night and wipe vaseline on your eyeglasses every night for a month. And neither of us wants that.