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SpeakerText is awesome magic tech

Some tech is just crazy awesome. It solves a problem so well the problem vanishes, like magic. Balsamiq is an example. The iPhone is another. Hopefully the iPad will be too. I just ran into another called SpeakerText.

SpeakerText automatically transcribes YouTube videos and makes it trivial to work with them. That’s a poor description; there’s a better video of how it works on their web site. I used SpeakerText itself to generate this example link: Now, when you’ve actually published this, your readers will see it as a normal quote that is hyperlinked. When they click on it, it takes them to the exact spot in the video you want them to see, like this.

Another interesting aspect about SpeakerText is that it is, in the founder’s words, a “ghetto startup.” That’s a topic I’m very interested in.