iPhone 4 vs. Windows Phone 7 Smartphones: Does anyone think a chart like this is still relevant?

The comparison chart below compares the iPhone 4 to the nine Windows Phone 7 launch devices:

iPhone 4 with iOS Win7 Mobile Smartphones
Processor: Apple A4 Chip (1GHz) 1GHz and up
RAM: 512MB


Internal Storage: 16GB or 32GB


Camera & Video: 5MP with 720p recording

5MP-8MP with 720p recording

Screen: 960×640 Retina display

WVGA-480×800 super AMOLED

Battery Life: 7hrs talk-time

300hrs standby

Up to 7hrs talk-time

Up to 456hrs standby

Video Calling:


Physical Keyboard:

Available on selected devices



The only significance here is if the two _weren’t_ roughly equivalent. Any phone that expects to compete in the iPhone/Android space has to have the basic list of checkboxes covered, or it’s a non-starter


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