Checking Whether I Can Crop a Photo and Upload to WordPress on iOS tl;dr: Yes

In “The new iPad Pro is pretty great—if you accept it for what it is“, Mike Murphy says he couldn’t crop a photo to place into a WordPress blog. The first issue with this is that he says he tried to install an app to crop the image, but that Amtrak’s wifi wasn’t robust enough to do that. This is obviously a critique of Amtrak’s wifi, but Murphy blames the iPad.

Here’s a photo from the article itself. I had to use a screenshot because (I believe) Quartz prevents saving images from their site. This is definitely a task where iOS is less capable than a desktop, where browsers allow you to grab any image whether the publisher wants to allow it or not.

That was:

  1. Screenshot on an iPhone
  2. Cropped with the default functionality in Photos
  3. Imported into the WordPress app.

Checking whether I can import in Safari:


Yep. I hesitate to criticize when someone can’t accomplish a task using a computer, because what that really means is that the app’s product team failed. But cropping images has been a standard feature of Photos for some time now.

Double checking whether I can import a photo I took rather than a screen shot: IMG_3229Yep.


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