Why Do Some People Learn Faster? | Wired Science


In You can get smarter — and by telling you this, I’m helping you do it I described how in studies it was found that, just by listening to a three-hour presentation on the malleability of intelligence, you can affect your learning ability. Now it turns out that the effect can be triggered and observed as a result of just one sentence. Allow me to lay this out step by step:

Intelligence is not fixed.
You can improve your mental performance by trying harder.
Believing that you can do this improves your ability to do this.
Small inputs can influence your mindset, and therefore your effort, and therefore your ability.
This article is an input that encourages you to believe you can be smarter if you try harder.
Now stop thinking that you are smart or stupid, and think about how hard you work, and try harder.

I have just made you smarter. You’re welcome.


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