Three things I learned from an article about Apple

I got these points from an article in Fortune magazine, which apparently doesn’t exist for free online; otherwise I’d link to it. EDIT: the article is available online now.

  1. Every project must have a DRI: Directly Responsible Individual. They are the final authority on the project.
  2. Treat every project as if it will be presented to the CEO. Make that presentation successful.
  3. The difference between a janitor and a VP is responsibility. If the trash doesn’t go out and the janitor says it’s because the locks were changed, that’s acceptable. For a VP, there is no excuse. You either get the job done or you don’t.

I like the third point, but it isn’t fair to janitors: there are no “janitor” jobs, just janitor people. Be a VP, even if you have a janitor job.



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