When It’s Darkest Men See the Stars « Steve Blank


Steve Blank on the explosion of entrepreneurship. He proposes that we’re at the start of a “startup revolution” similar to the industrial revolution or the scientific revolution. The limitations to mass entrepreneurship are falling away, so the growth is likely to continue and even expand.


4 thoughts on “When It’s Darkest Men See the Stars « Steve Blank

  1. Rob McMillin

    The absence of mass ability to understand that income ultimately has to go beyond outgo will make entrepreneurship self-limiting.

  2. Geoff Canyon

    Rob, are you saying that startups are inherently unprofitable? Or just that they start that way, and most people don't understand that at some point they must become profitable?

  3. Rob McMillin

    Yes, it’s a truism (almost to the point of being trite) that startups are inherently unprofitable, at least in the early going.However, I take the popularity of state-run scams like Medicare as a prime example of why people can’t handle entrepreneurship. The people demanding benefits from Medicare all say, correctly, "I paid into it". This much is true. However, what they are really saying is, "I should get whatever I want back, REGARDLESS of how much I paid in."One cannot have this attitude in business, where customers have the cussed attitude that they should get value in exchange.Being able to create a new product or service, find customers, satisfy them, and get them to come back, all the while braving and outmaneuvering competitors — you have whittled the list of humans with these capabilities down a thousandfold, maybe a hundred-thousandfold.

  4. Mike Dobbertin

    This is absolutely true. It’s the reason Y-combinator and other incubators can foster dozens of startups for < $17k each. Developing a working prototype is magnitudes cheaper than it was 20, 10, even 5 years ago. We’re more interconnected today, Angel investors are becoming the new venture capitalists, and the landscape moves at such a pace, people are constantly ready to adopt (and pay for) the "next big thing."


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