More stupid walking dead

In The very stupid walking dead I criticized nearly every move the protagonists made in the series premiere. In short, they were stupid. I almost didn’t watch the second episode, but figured I’d give it a shot. So far:

A woman went off alone in the woods, separating from a group of about ten. Anyone this dumb would have been dead in the first three days.
A man snuck up on the woman, startling her greatly. Did neither of them see Zombieland? (a much more believable story) In a reality with zombies, you don’t want to startle anyone, as their first instinct should rightly be to shoot you.
A group of people are picking wild mushrooms to eat when they don’t know how to identify poisonous ones. Why are they foraging for food? Clearly it’s been only a month or so, and they still have batteries for their flashlights, so why aren’t they eating Spaghetti-Os?
The cop made a run for it from the tank when it was made clear in the previous episode that the zombies will disperse if given no reason to stay. Granted it worked out and he was being encouraged to do it, but waiting was a perfectly reasonable option.
A woman threatened to kill the cop because he had put them at risk. He didn’t do it; their friend did by talking the cop out of the tank. Further, the damage was done. Finally, you’d better have a damn good reason to kill someone if there are perhaps only twenty people left within a hundred miles.
They didn’t kill the egomaniacal racist who threatened to shoot all of them if they didn’t do what he said. In the zombie apocalypse you can put up with a lot to keep as many people on your team as possible, but someone who threatens violence like that is useful for nothing but zombie bait.
While the rain washes off the smell of death, it would also prevent the zombies from smelling anything.
We’re supposed to believe that zombies are smart enough to climb a fence, but too stupid to climb a ladder, and too uncoordinated to use something heavy that they already have in their hands to smash a glass door.

They’ve failed to realize that a truck/car is an excellent zombie killing machine; I mean seriously, how many zombies are there supposed to be waiting for them outside the building? Mow them down at twenty miles per hour (to avoid doing too much damage to the car).
It has to be asked, why isn’t everyone armed to the teeth? The first stop in the zombie apocalypse is the gun store, people. If you don’t know how to shoot, grab a shotgun. Second stop is the sporting goods store to get an aluminum bat.
Finally, I know this is technical, but are we supposed to take the zombies as supernatural? In a sense they have to be, since there is nothing even remotely scientific that could reanimate days-old dead flesh, but are we to believe that they have no need to eat? Why aren’t most of them lying on the ground dying of starvation, since they obviously haven’t eaten in weeks?

The acting is reasonable and some of the moral situations are compelling, so I’m tempted to watch a third episode, but I really don’t remember the last time I saw a horror movie populated by such idiots.

3 thoughts on “More stupid walking dead

  1. Steve Todd

    Couldn’t agree more. I simply can’t understand how anyone can suspend their disbelief enough to be able to watch this. Even the "you don’t know what you’d do in that situation" falls down as the characters are not even slightly consistent in what they do.Ridiculous doesn’t even come close.

  2. The_Smoking_GNU

    Aaron Sorkins erste Show über eine Show war Sports Night.Wer die Kritik an The Newsroom, die hier nur ansatzweise wiedergegeben wird, besser verstehen will, sollte sich den Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, Episode 135 anhören.


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