What the honeybee deaths scientist didn’t disclose

Dr. Jennifer Sass, a senior scientist with the health group at the Natural Resources Defense Council, says that while the Bromenshenk/Army study is interesting, it fails to ask the underlying question “Why are colonies dying? Is it because they’re getting weak? People who have HIV don’t die of HIV. They die of other diseases they get because their immune systems are knocked off, making them more susceptible.” In other words, pesticides could weaken the bees — and then the virus/fungus combination finishes them off. That notion, however, is not explored in the new study.

This article claims that the researcher who blames honeybee colony collapse disorder on a fungus/virus interaction has received substantial funding from Bayer, which makes pesticides that some people blame for the disorder.

Just because he gets funding from them doesn’t mean he’s lying. This feels like Jenny McCarthy blaming vaccines for autism (i.e. idiocy) but time will tell. The only way to be sure is to do more tests. If people working based on the fungus/virus theory don’t manage to save the bees, we’ll have our answer.


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