This morning I am dumb

Edit: phew! Well statistical anomaly or just a bad morning, I’m doing better now — just solved one in < 2x the best time so far, which is better than average for me. Slitherlinks are hard!

Comparatively, at least. PuzzleManiak is a collection of puzzles you can play on your iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s a great app, by the way, and if you’re at all interested in puzzles well worth the price.

I play one puzzle, Loopy, a lot. It’s the same as slitherlink. Normally I can solve the hard puzzles in reasonable time: anywhere from 2x to 3x as long as the very fastest solvers. Today I am slow: 4x to 5x. That’s depressing. Did I have a stroke in the night? Do I need to take up drinking coffee? Will it get better?

I’m setting the puzzle aside for now; I’ll try again this afternoon.


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