Yet another iTablet article (okay, not really)

Under the headline

CES 2010: Apple Gets Trumped By Amazing Lenovo Table [sic]

Jim Louderback touts the new Lenovo Table(t) announced (but not released) at CES. He claims that it’s what Apple wishes it was announcing. Not to get all fanboy-ish, but I have to wonder what he was on when he made that statement.

Like everyone else, I have no idea what Apple is going to say in a few weeks, but I feel confident saying this:

  • If it has a touchscreen, that touchscreen will respond accurately to input, unlike the device Louderback was holding, where the various screens lagged behind his fingers the way the ground shifts under the feet of cartoon characters as they walk.
  • If it has no keyboard, it won’t dock into a laptop-looking thing, making it not a tablet, but a laptop with a detachable screen.
  • And most importantly, it won’t run two entirely different operating systems. That’s right: the Lenovo runs Linux as a tablet, but Windows as a laptop.

That last one — I can only assume that they wanted a scaled-down operating system for when the device is used as a tablet. But every operating system has its headaches. Pile on two operating systems: twice the headaches.

And does that mean that documents you work on when the device is a laptop might not be editable, or even viewable, in tablet mode? That has to be the stupidest design decision since Microsoft decided “There are specific tasks that you can perform on a Microsoft Surface unit only when a keyboard, mouse, and monitor are connected to the unit.”


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