A puzzle, I wonder

One time a friend needed to come up with a password for something we were working on and I suggested the technique of using the first letters of a phrase that you know, so for example you might pick “That’s one small step for a man” which would give you the password “tossfam.”

So my friend thought about it for a moment and suggested “iatvmoammg.”

I’ll let that sit with you for a minute…

Still thinking?

Figured it out?

I did, to the surprise of both of us.

It’s a line from a popular musical play by Gilbert and Sullivan, The Pirates of Penzance: “I am the very model of a modern Major General” I have no idea whether it was unusual or not that I figured that out; so here are several more. Feel free to post in the comments if  you figure them out (or not) and how easy or hard they are. All of them are common sayings, quotes, or phrases.

I think these are easier:

  • tbontbtitq
  • fsasyaofbfotcann
  • tgiagotos
  • waliaysaysays
  • anwyccdfyawycdfyc
  • iwtbotiwtwot

I think these are harder:

  • arsgnm
  • totwhtfifi
  • aycdicdbicdabty
  • mwchiny
  • altaiagffa
  • twdmar
  • gammd
  • idnlgeahidnltsia

Edit: Peter has a good idea with rot-13. You can access a tool to apply/remove rot-13 encoding here.


2 thoughts on “A puzzle, I wonder

  1. Peter

    I got four of the easys and two hards. (answers in rot13)
    Might take another shot at the others later.

    gb or be abg gb or, gung vf gur dhrfgvba
    nfx abg jung lbhe pbhagel pna qb sbe lbh, …
    jr nyy yvir va n lryybj fhoznevar …
    vg jnf gur orfg bs gvzrf …
    gjb jebatf qba’g znxr n evtug
    n ebyyvat fgbar tnguref ab zbff


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