Apparently the writers of “House” read this blog

This week’s episode of the Fox TV show “House” (“The Tyrant”) featured elements from no less than two of my previous posts. Spoilers below:

First there is obvious: at the end when House cures Wilson’s neighbor’s phantom limb pain, he does so using Ramachandran’s Mirror, which I discussed back in June. Just noticed that wikipedia has a great article on the mirror box.

Second, and a little less direct, is the fact that Chase’s decision to mislead Foreman is a classic example of the Trolley Car thought experiment, which I discussed in May: is it right to let an evil dictator die if his death will reasonably lead to saving many other lives? Foreman finds out what Chase did, so he has to wrestle with the same question, and there are no easy answers.

Wikipedia credits “Peter Blake” with writing this episode, so Peter, if you’re reading this, no worries, come clean in the comments 😉


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