Disneyland half marathon results

First, I forgot to post my results for the Jet to Jetty 10K on August 22nd — 57:08. Not as fast as I hoped, but a significant improvement on the last 10K I ran in October 2008. That was 1:08:42.7, so peeling off well over eleven minutes feels pretty good.

So for the half marathon, I finished in 2:13:08. Not quite my goal of ten minute miles, and nowhere near my stretch goal of two hours, but not bad overall. There was a ton of congestion for the first several miles, and I had to take an unexpected break for a few minutes in the middle to (ahem) lighten the load a bit. One thing I notice in the results is that several people who finished with near my chip time (actual time on the course) finished with nearly the same clock time (time since the start of the race). That means they started at nearly the beginning of the race, which I think only happens if you sign up for a highly competitive pace. Optimists, or dissemblers?

All in all it was a good experience, but if I run another half marathon, I’m going to be looking for one that’s not so popular, or just measuring out the distance myself. I don’t need bands and screaming cheerleaders to keep me moving.

I do need a change of clothes, I think. My shirt and shorts were saturated long before the finish, and I wonder what effect that has on performance. Keeping cool is critical, and sweating does no good if you’re already soaked.


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