Running sucks

Okay, I guess it doesn’t really, but I certainly seem to suck at it. I can ride a century on my bike, but running for a few hours hurts — a lot. I let one of my friends talk me into signing up for the Disneyland Half Marathon, so I’ve been training at running for a bit.

The 10K I ran this past Saturday was supposed to be my last long distance run prior to the half marathon, but I felt good tonight so I decided to run around the marina. Then I got the idea of running around the marina and on the way back running each of the streets that project into the marina as well. That totals 11.6 miles per Google Maps, and I finished in about 2:02 (I wasn’t timing, so that’s based on the playlists I went through). Not exactly the sub-two hours half-marathon I was looking for, but it will have to do. Here’s a picture of the route, linked to a map:

That's a long way.

That's a long way.

Tired now. Going to sleep.


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