Google, get out of my head!

Google is testing a new search algorithm/server configuration code named caffeine. It’s supposed to be faster, more relevant, and more real-time. The first two characteristics are presumably intended to counteract Bing, the last to counteract Twitter. You can test caffeine here.

Tonight something happened that makes me wonder if Google isn’t testing caffeine on their main site as well. I watched the trailer for Legion. It’s fantasy movie about god losing his faith in humans and sending the angels either to end us, or bring about armageddon — the description says one, the trailer seems to indicate the other. The focus of the action is a small group of isolated people, defended by the angel Michael (who my wife tells me is the angel of war, so the filmmakers got their mythology right, which I appreciate).

The trailer reminded me of a much more low-budget film from back in the nineties. In that film as well there was a small group of isolated people defending themselves against an angel. I wanted to check to see just how similar the plots were. I couldn’t remember the title, but I remembered that Christopher Walken was in that film. So in Safari’s search box I entered two words: imdb walken.

The first link returned was the imdb page for Christopher Walken — nice job, Google, but no less than I expected. But as I clicked that link I noticed the second link returned: IMDb: The Prophecy (1995). Christopher Walken has over a hundred credits on IMDB, including such major motion pictures as Catch Me If You Can and Wedding Crashers— both much more popular films than The Prophecy.

The trailer for Legion has only been out for a few days. So was it chance? Or am I not the only one who thought of this and searched for The Prophecy based on remembering Christopher Walken? That’s some crazy search mojo if it’s not just happenstance. You can try the search yourself if you like, and post the results.


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