84 Miles of bad road

Yesterday’s ride was about 84 miles, and some of them went well. Here’s an image of the map, linked to the real thing:


D (with A underneath it) is the start/end point. B is as far as I got. C is where, on the way back, I bonked big time. I was at a grocery store wondering what I could possibly eat that would let me keep biking. I drank about a quart of milk and it seemed to help. By the time I hit Santa Monica I was feeling alright again.

Before this ride I made a small adjustment to my bike: I reclined the seat about 5-10 degrees. The change to the riding configuration wasn’t that noticeable, but it had a large impact on the way the bike handled bumps in the road. The bike isn’t suspended front or rear — here’s a picture of a bike like mine:


Every bump was like a punch straight to my back. I’m going to have to see if I can put a rubber shim in between the back support and the seat.


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