72 miles and sore

I’m considering bicycling back to Los Angeles from Humboldt University after I drop Aja off there in August. That would require riding sixty to a hundred miles most days to get it done in a reasonable amount of time. When civilization is sparse, there’s a level of flexibility you get if you can cover at least a century without struggling too much. I wanted to find out how close I am to that, so yesterday I rode to Long Beach and back after work, and today I headed north.

I got as far as Pt. Mugu State Park, then turned around and headed back, for a total of a bit over 72 miles. Here’s a map:


C (the end point) overlaps A (the starting point). Combined with yesterday, that’s 125 miles in two days. That would likely get me home on time, but I’d want to do better than that. Nevertheless, as a proof of concept for the ride, I think this qualifies. I’m sore now, but I think I could do it again tomorrow, and I have six weeks to prepare.

Also, this ride took six and a half hours. I had more hills today than yesterday, but fewer stoplights. At that pace I could do a century in a little over nine hours. I’d be happier with 8, but like I said, six weeks to prepare…


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