53 miles, and ready for more

I’m considering riding back to Los Angeles from Humboldt University after I drop Aja off there in August. Last weekend I rode sixty miles, but that was just one day. To make it down the coast I’d have to ride at least sixty miles a day, day after day, and maybe as much as a hundred miles on some days. I figure this weekend is a good time to try out riding several days in a row. Today after work I took off south along the coast and then rode back home. Here’s the map:

Out and back.

Out and back.

That’s about 53 miles. I left work at about 4pm, and got home at about 9pm. I’d be happier if I were faster, but I can live with it. I felt good toward the end, ready to go farther.

The real test comes tomorrow, though. If I can book 60 miles tomorrow and still feel good, I’ll start to think I can make it from Humboldt to Los Angeles in a reasonable amount of time.


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