Senket — John’s Go Page

John’s Go Page describes Go in ten statements. It uses some pretty clever language to squeeze the description into so few rules, and it describes area scoring, where I would have preferred territory scoring, but I think that would have definitely required an extra statement or two.

Here is an attempt to unambiguously describe Senket in as many sentences:

  1. Senket is played on a 31 x 31 square grid of points, by two players called Black and White.
  2. Each point on the grid is either empty, or may be colored black or white.
  3. Two points on the grid of the same color may be connected by a fence if they are opposite corners of a 1×2 rectangle, and if the fence would not cross any existing fences.
  4. Starting with an empty grid, the players alternate turns, starting with Black.
  5. A turn is either a pass, or coloring an empty point one’s own color and adding as many valid fences of one’s own color as are desired.
  6. The game ends after two consecutive passes.
  7. Territory is any enclosed section of the board (including the edges) that does not contain opposing territory.
  8. Rule 7 applies recursively, working out from unambiguously valid territories.
  9. Each set of territories connected by fences scores points equal to the square of the sum of the area contained within the territories and the number of opponent’s posts contained with the territories.
  10. The player whose territories sum to the greater point total at the end of the game is the winner. Equal scores result in a tie.

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