Senket — Puzzle of the Week #4


How can Red hurt Blue?

How can Red hurt Blue the most?

Blue is threatening to take 15 to 20 squares of territory. Where is Red’s best attack?


2 thoughts on “Senket — Puzzle of the Week #4

  1. Herman Hiddema

    Best I see is for Red to play a probing move at 3-1.

    If blue defends the corner (plays 1-1), red plays to 4-3, threatening to live with 5-1. If blue blocks that with 5-1, then red plays 6-4, after which connceting out at 7-6 and living with 5-2 are miai.

    If blue does not defend the corner, but defends the side instead by playing 5-1, red can can then live with 2-1. He could also first play 7-6 (threatens 6-4) forcing blue to block with 8-6, before living.

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