Senket — Puzzle of the Week #2


Where should Red play to survive?

Where should Red play to survive?

Red played 1, thinking Blue would play at B and he could connect to A with C. Instead, Blue shut him in with 2. Now he has to survive on the inside, or else Blue gets 16 units and prisoners. He starts with 3, and Blue responds with 4, able to connect to either side to lock Red away from the corner. How should Red respond?


3 thoughts on “Senket — Puzzle of the Week #2

  1. Herman Hiddema

    Ok, how about this:

    red plays 2-3 (connect 4-2)

    With this, red is threatening to play 1-1 (connect 2-3), which would leave three options to make territory:
    * 2-1 (connect 4-2)
    * 3-1 (connect 2-3)
    * 1-3 (connect 3-4)
    As these are equivalent options make territory, blue must prevent them all. The only way to do that is play 1-1 himself.

    After blue 1-1, red then plays 3-1, leaving the equivalent options of 1-2 and 1-3 for making territory, and there is nothing blue can do.

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