Senket — Puzzle of the Week

pow1This is the first in a series of Senket puzzles where I’ll post the puzzle on a Sunday and you solve them yourself. Feel free to post questions, comments, or analysis and answers to the comments.



Blue has built territory in the corner. Is it secure? If not, where should Red invade: A, B, C, D, or E?

Edit: should have posted a link to the rules for playing Senket.

Answer: the answer is posted here.


7 thoughts on “Senket — Puzzle of the Week

  1. Herman Hiddema


    The immediate threat is E, of course, but if blue plays there, red can play to the 3-3 point, and then blue has no way to prevent red from taking the 1-4 point.

    Better play for blue would be the 3-2 point, taking some territory and preventing the red play at the 3-3 point, then when red takes E, blue can take A for some more territory.

      1. gcanyon Post author

        It’s red’s move. If red plays at 3-3, then blue at 3-2 builds fences to 2-4 and 5-1, closing red in completely.

        If red plays E, blue plays at B, and red plays at 2-3 as you suggest, then blue plays at c, and red is prevented from making territory.

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  3. Herman Hiddema

    Ah, of course! I somehow thought that any blue move had to be a knight’s move away from a previous blue dot, but there is no such restriction, so he can simply play C 🙂

    Ok, so, my original answer was correct after all, but the reasoning was not complete:

    Red plays B, forcing E. Then red plays 3-3, after which 1-4 and D are miai for red, blue cannot prevent them both, right?

    And my original “better play for blue” line is correct play in an actual game, right?

    1. gcanyon Post author

      re: miai — yes

      re: better for blue — probably so. It’s not what I had, but it’s more efficient by far and still forces red to take one point leaving blue with the initiative. I’ll update the answer post to include this.

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