Senket — Is It Too Easy To Make Territory?

In Senket it is fairly easy to make territory. This has the advantage for beginners of making it easy to plod along taking 3, 4, and 5 points at a time.

The question is whether this limits the strategy of Senket to a certain level of simplicity. In Go, players often get into a fight for survival. Go puzzles reflect this: despite Go’s overall lack of a kill-or-be-killed outcome, many Go puzzles test player’s skills at life and death situations.

So far with Senket, this has not been the case. It remains to be seen if, as Senket players gain experience, strategy deepens and players enter into larger-scale battles, or if Senket remains largely tactical. If the depth of Senket seems limited, one possible solution would be to make it harder to create territory by setting a minimum area.

Caution should be observed, since to make this change would subvert the extreme simplicity of rules that Senket currently enjoys. Nevertheless it might be interesting to try a game where a territory must be worth at least six points (i.e., no 4-fence territories) to be viable.


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